Xoopit, the best Firefox add-on for Gmail ?

Folks, until proven otherwise, the answer is yes!

Or may be not, Xoopit is not the best Firefox extension for Gmail but also for Yahoo! Mail and soon for Hotmail. Not just as a Firefox extension but also as a standalone website.

So what exactly is this Xoopit good for?
This video will solve the mystery:


From Xoopit.com: “Xoopit allows you to search your stuff, not your messages. Xoopit upgrades Gmail search to show you the photos, videos and files that match what you are looking for. Browse photos and videos from YouTube, Flickr, Shutterfly, Kodak and Picasa. Links sent to you are automatically collected, saving you the hassle of going to these sites. Get out of Attachment Hell…easily find and access your files in Gmail. Never misplace an attachment again. All of these files and photos can be easily shared with friends, posted to your blog or shared on Facebook.”

Xoopit can do a lot of nice work but it’s specially a handy way to find stuff that you forgot, things that you can’t remember like who exactly sent what to whom. And for people like me who use Gmail as an on-line unremovable external mobile device, believe me, Xoopit is what you need, after installing it, you have to wait some hours to let Xoopit index your stuff. Once done, I’m sure you will spent a long time enjoying all your Gmail hard drive media. You will even find some interesting photos and videos that you forget or never know about their existance.



Xoppit works like a charm and may be its team has also to develop a software that can do the same with my whole laptop and not only my Gmail account.