Writing famous WordPress plugins

I shared a sliding panel as a plugin for WordPress in the Plugin Directory and it was downloaded more than 500 times in only 4 days whereas my 2 past shared plugins didn’t pass 150 downloads in about 1 month http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/profile/fay-1

I know I know, it’s very very far from the most downloaded plugin ever for WordPress… but how to find a new plugin idea that will rock when you come very late to this field where almost all needs are already coded in existing and mature plugins ?

All in One SEO Pack Stats

All in One SEO Pack Stats

Any way, according to my small experience, this is my conclusion to make plugins that are destined to be a little bit famous :

1- When you have the choice, make plugins for the frontend part of WordPress and not the backend
2- Make your plugins web 2.0 by using a javascript library, cute css/images (rounded corner, shadows…)
3- Chose an official-like name, something like WP PLUGIN FUNCTION (and not .fay PLUGIN FUNCTION :) )
4- Frequently commit (real) little updates (every update ≅ last downloads * 2 :) )
5- Write plugins that interact with extra web services (Google products, Facebook, Twitter…)