WordPress Related Posts with Thumbnails

Improve the effectiveness of your entry pages with an attractive and a charming related posts widget all in pictures!

Make your landing pages effectively causes visitors to view more pages and continue on deeper into your web site.

Thumby Related Posts Widget for WordPress

Download WP Thumby Related Posts Widget

WP Thumby Related Posts Widget shows in the sidebar or after the post content, the current post most relevant related posts all in charming images.

The number of displayed posts, with or without a picture, only titles or snippets, related posts can be displayed in random order or sorted by date, etc., all can be adjusted freely. Even the look and feel of the widget can be adjusted within a wide range. The size of the thumbnails can be adjusted too. What else? Yes, to ensures optimum loading time, an integrated caching system was also implemented.

The plugin works in WordPress 3.x and is available at CodeCanyon

Key Features:

  • Fully customized widget template and style
  • Theme sidebar widget and/or after posts content widget
  • Adjustable maximum related posts number
  • Variety ensured with a random order instead of the date based order
  • Adaptable thumbnails size for well-groomed and optimizes pictures
  • Customized default thumbnail for imageless and only-text posts
  • Internal caching system for better page load speed
  • No “insecure” third party-library for image processing, only using internal built-in PHP and WordPress functions

Download WP Thumby Related Posts Widget