Sagem F@st 800 ADSL Modem (delivered by Maroc Telecom) on Linux : Finally The How-To that works !

Like many Moroccans, I have an ADSL Internet provided by Maroc Telecom, and like many human beings, I’m not a very big Micro$oft Windoz fan.

Question: So! How can I switch to Linux and keep my self connected?

In this post, I’m going to show you how I hacked my Sagem F@st 800 to get it work with my Linux Mint (an Ubuntu based distribution, thus a Debian based one)
I tried to make it as easy and lazy as I could and this is the step by step How-To that really really works, enjoy !

1- You will need some extra stuff for this hack. So you have to put your Sagem F@st 800 aside and go buy a Wireless ADSL2+ Router from your Hi Tech store.
I’m doing my test on a laptop which has a wireless card. If it’s not your case, you have also to buy a USB wireless adapter for your old laptop or PC.

2- The cheapest wireless ADSL2+ router I found was an EDIMAX AR-7084gA, So I hardly did the sacrifice and bought it taking the risk that It may not work as good as an expensive 3Com or a Linksys.

3- We will try the wireless configuration way, so there’s no need for the installation CD and the RJ45 cable

4- Connect the EDIMAX to the RJ11 phone cable and your PC/laptop to the EDIMAX detected default wireless network. If you have some troubles connecting, press the reset button on the back of the router for more than 5 seconds to restore its default manufacture parameters.

5- After connecting to the local wireless network, go to the best browser in the Internet history (Firefox of course) and ask for the address:
User Name: Admin
Password: 1234

6- You’re now connected to the EDIMAX web administration interface. To make it easy for all student readers (including the teacher that I am), I will use the Wizard in the “Quick Start” section to set Maroc Telecom parameters

7- Before, EDIMAX will ask you to change the default “1234” Admin password

8- … and the appropriate timezone (like I was making the test from my personal sailing boat somewhere in the pacific, i chose Fiji for my location, but you rather choose the appropriate one, Greenwich if you’re in Morocco)

9- For the connection type, choose PPPoE/PPPoA

10- Enter your menara user name and password. Then 8 for VPI and 35 one for VCI and finally PPPoE LLC in the last combobox (Dont ask me what those things mean; Howa ana 3arif biguibolna al asami di mnine o_O ?!!!)

11- Save your changes (EDIMAX will ask you before that to reopen your session with the new Admin password)

12- Now, we can make a test to check the Internet connection. For that, open a new Firefox tab and ask for the web site:
If you get something weird and crazy, congratulation, it works !

13- Check you gmail account (It’s been a while that you were off line no ?!)

I let you make a trip to the others web admin sections and play with it as you like. If you made some catastrophic configuration and you were not be able to reach your favorite, just press the reset button again for more than 5 seconds and repeat the steps above.

In my case, the reflex settings I did were:

14- Activating the Firewall and the MAC filter

15- Setting my DynDns account config
etc etc…

The last ultimate and the most important step: Take you Sagem F@st 800… and throw it out the window (^_~)

If not, you can keep it for some contemporary art work (^_^)