Must Have GNOME Package : GNOME DO

Do is a very smart and handsome what-ever launcher. No more need to browse your menu or to create quick links every where in your panels or in your desktop, Do simply gives you a complete control on your desktop environment in no time.


From : “With a large set of plugins and smart relevance algorithms, Do fine-tunes itself to be the exact tool you need, no matter who you are or how you use your computer. Do can be your music player, your search tool, your file browser, or even your dictionary.”
Do has many more powerful and exciting capabilities that must be seen to be appreciated, this video shows some use cases:

For lazy Shikamaru in my kind, it’s really what I was looking for ;)
It’s also available in my Arch Linux community repository
$ pacman -S gnome-do gnome-do-plugins
For other Linux distributions: Installing Do Wiki